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You and the Bill of Rights

Price: $25.00

Our New Book!


Rights are in the news-every day.  Go straight to the source if you want to know what YOUR rights (and the rights of others) are - in this handy, well organized resource for answers to your questions.  This is a companion book to You, Your Child, and the Constitution.  These are great educational tools for you and your children.  However it is written for adults.  You can't invest in anything more needed today!



120 pages of text

covering all ten amendments

end notes, table of contents, etc.

comb bound for easy use for teachers and students.

(S & H will be added at check-out)



Posted 01/31/2006 by Mr. Don B., California 

I was glad to get your course of study "You and the Bill of Rights" while I was working on a case. It is the most comprehensive and thoroughly documented study I was able to find and I have done a lot of research! It is also very easily understood.

Posted 05/31/2005 by Howard Phillips - Presidential candidate the Constitution Party 2004

Congratulations on your scholarship and your thoroughness.  This should be a great help, especially to home school families.  Congratulations on a spectacular publication. 


With personal best wishes, I am 



Howard Phillips, Chairman, 

The Conservative Caucus

450 Maple Avenue East

Vienna, VA  22180

Posted 03/01/2004 by Bob E - Constitution Party - Oregon

Your book arrived and I think it is a tremendous work, a fine educational tool.


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