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The great statesmen of our country were men of conviction who believed it was their sacred duty to uphold Christian Principles in their politics 

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News Of Historical Importance


Historic News comes from many sources - Posting is not necessarily an endorsement of the contents or opinions expressed in them. 



April 14 

Report: Arafat approved convoy attack that killed 3 Americans in Gaza


Middle East Newsline reported on Wednesday (14th) that PLO Chief Yasser Arafat gave his approval for a terrorist attack on a United States diplomatic convoy traveling in Gaza last year, in which three U.S. citizens were murdered.


U.S. diplomatic sources told MENL that Arafat had approved a plan to hit U.S. interests in PA areas, agreeing to a proposal by a senior aide and member of the Fatah Central Committee to “pass a message” to the U.S.


(MENL, UPI, Washington Times, Jerusalem Newswire, 4/14)



April 12 


Hollywood Desecrates American Heroes: New Disney Movie "The Alamo" is Filled with "Fairy Tales" and promotes a politically correct revisionist agenda aimed at destroying a traditional American hero,” says B. Forrest Clayton, Freedom Alliance Visiting Fellow


A Holocaust victim's Bible details the horrors of Mauthausen WW2 concentration camp.  If faith could be seen, it might look like this: an old man's Bible, its spine stripped and brittle, pages threatening to let go and fall to the floor.



March 9

Why Valley Forge Is More Important than Ever This Year:  the celebration of George Washington¹s birthday at Valley Forge had important things to say to the Americans of 2004


Ohio Legislature considers bill to post state and national motto: A proposal requiring all Ohio schools to post the state and federal mottos likely will ignite heated debate. Every classroom, auditorium and cafeteria in the state would display the mottos "With God, All Things are Possible" and "In God we Trust" 



February 14

One Nation Under Secularism:  Want to know what the USA will look like if it continues on it's march to secularism?  Just check France out.  Do we really want to look like that?  (Christianity Today) 



February 8

The Salvation Army: Where did this tuba-playing, kettle-wielding social force come from, and what's it all about? How did they come a culture fixture in our society? (Christianity Today)



February 5

McDonald's matriarch Joan Kroc donates $1.5 billion bequest to the Salvation Army:  history suggests new challenges and temptations lie ahead (Christianity Today)



January 31

Kinston City Council approves God resolution: Following an intense debate that seemed more private than public, the Kinston City Council on Monday unanimously approved recognizing God as the foundation of this country's heritage. (The Free Press)


Professor insists that the James ossuary is authentic: University of Toledo professor Dr. James Harrell argues that the inscription is genuine.  And Dr. Hershel Shanks, founder and editor-in-chief of Biblical Archaeology Review and author of The Brother of Jesus, said the box "may well be the most significant biblical archaeological find of our time and the first-ever physical link to the historical Jesus of the New Testament." (Toledo Blade)



January 23

WWII Aerial Photo Archive to Go Online: A huge British archive of World War II aerial reconnaissance photos, including pictures of the D-Day landings in Normandy, is now on the Internet for your viewing (Yahoo News - AP)



January 12

Top Ten Reasons to Read Christian History: Why should we read the "old news" of Christian history?  Reason #1 Because Christian history... (Christian History Magazine)



December 24

Ancient machinery drove cruelty at the Coliseum: The Coliseum in Rome was as sophisticated as a modern stage set, according to archaeologists who have calculated how an intricate system of gangplanks, trapdoors and levers was used to bring wild animals into the arena. (London Telegraph)



December 17

Gospel verse uncovered: Two Jerusalem scholars uncovered six previously invisible lines of inscription: a Gospel verse -- Luke 2:25. this is believed to be the first discovery of a New Testament verse carved onto an ancient Holy Land shrine.  (The Detroit News)

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