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A Great Tradition of Christian American History   




Uncle Sam  New

May came upon us so fast that Sam Wilson who became UNCLE SAM in our American history has had to visit our website in May. We hope you will enjoy this little bit of Revolutionary War history.




Washington Birthday Anniversary Feb 2014  New

As we look forward to honoring the memory of the first President of our country under the Constitution of the United States of America it is good to look back and see some of what has been written about President George Washington.




Our Founders and John Calvin New

How was John Calvin "connected" to our Founders and our history?

Click here to read what others are saying about Mrs. Robbin's books.

What's New:

Uncle Sam New

New Article May 2014

Our Founders and John Calvin New

New Article March 2014

Washington Birthday Anniversary Feb 2014 New

New Article February 2014

Matthew Fountaine Maury Pathfinder of the Sea New

New Article February 2014

The Influence of One Man New

New Article January 2014

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!" New

New Article November 2013

 The History Channel

Uncle Sam New

Our Founders and John Calvin New

Washington Birthday Anniversary Feb 2014 New

Matthew Fountaine Maury Pathfinder of the Sea  New

The Influence of One Man  New

"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"  New

May 2, 2013 - National Day of Prayer 

April 19, 1775 - A Celebration Of What It Took That Ours Would Be A Free Nation 

Take Courage God's Hand is Big! 

A Few Men and a Multitide of M's 

Early Education in the Colonies 

"The British Are Coming" to Lexington!  

Pray For Out Nation 

A Thanksgiving Day Quiz

Prayer And The Founding Fathers 

Moses and the Pilgrims  

December 17, 1777

All You Ever Wanted To Know About “The First Thanksgiving”  

George Washington’s Education  

December In Massachusetts-1620   

December In Virginia---1774-1777  

What Does October Mean to You?  

The Fourth of July and the Adams Family  

President William Henry Harrison

Laus Deo The Pyramidation

What Would The World Be Without Women? Installment III

What Would The World Be Without Women? Installment II

A Day of Thanksgiving - 1623

What Would The World Be Without Women? Installment I

Duty, Honor, Country: Reflections on the Highest Calling...

Men Of The Revolutionary War

Remember The Reformation!

A True Soldier, A Tribute to Michael New

We Will Set Up Banners

Origins of the First Flag

Memorial Day

The Mystery of the Lost Book

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

A Horse and a Boy

July 4th Oregon Style

On the Stretch

One Nation Under God

Courtship In Virginia

The Sly Spy

May Memorials

The Blackest Hour

The Darkest Morning

America's Historical Documents

The Poetry Channel

Over In Old Bethlehem 

We Need Christmas

The Passion of Christ in Poetry

A Rose By Any Other Name

Constitutional Poetry

The Star Spangled Banner

Hats off!  The Flag is Passing By

Help for Poets

When Earthly Props are Gone

Paul Revere's Ride

Sonnet on His Blindness

The Home School Channel

WHY JOHNNY CAN’T REASON And What to do about it!  

ROBOTS OR RATIONAL BEINGS? Which did God create?  

Why, Mother?

Is The Right To Home School In The Constitution?

Loyalty Commitment Dedication

The Principle Approach Channel

For Education to be Christian - It MUST be Centered on God’s Word  New

Principles of Civil Government

Cumulative Change

The Four R's

A Biblical Method of Teaching

America It Just Happened

The Politics Channel

News Channel and Commentary

I Pledge Allegiance

Whose Child?

The Election Process  Part 1 - So You Want to Run for Office?

The Election Process  Part 2 - Central Committees

You've Been Elected

 At American Christian History We want your input.  Discuss an article, Post a review, Send us your comments, or even Submit an article for publication on our site.


The Constitution Channel

Early American Education, the Bible and the Constitution 

Why The Electoral College???

All You Ever Wanted To Know About the Electoral College

The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution: The Law of the Land

Eminent Domain Redefined an Editorial

Eminent Domain Revisited

Constitutional Myths and Realities Myths 7 & 8

Constitutional Myths and Realities Myths 5 & 6

Constitutional Myths and Realities Myths 2, 3 & 4

Constitutional Myths and Realities Myth 1

Supreme Court Is Surrounded By The Ten Commandments!

Could 50 States Be Wrong?

Private Property - Keep Out!

Who Needs the Bill of Rights?

Samuel Adams & the Green Dragon

Where in the Constitution?

Rights! All Kinds Of Rights!

Our Christian Constitution

The Creative Writing Channel

CS Lewis Christian Storyteller

Of Cabbages and Kings


If My People...

The Revolutionary War


A Defense of Civil Disobedience   By Guest writer Keith Hardine.

Adam & Steve   By Guest writer Keith Hardine.

I Now Pronounce You   By Dorothy E. Robbins

July 4th Oregon Style  By Guest writer Mr. Vaughn Longanecker

On the Stretch  By Guest writer Terry Dashner

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The Governor's Story

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