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Home Sweet Home-School


Experiencing Homeschool Burnout? Find Delight Driven Learning Here!

Grab some cookies, and freshly ground, brewed coffee, or some tea if you prefer, and stay awhile!  You will find articles, a message board, books and excellent links about this relaxed homeschooling lifestyle. 




Homeschool With The Web educational portal for homeschooling



Eclectic Homeschool Online promotes creative homeschooling 





Character Building For Families Just about any family will find Character Building for Families a valuable tool for Christian growth, whether they have been homeschooling for many years, are just beginning, or even if they are not homeschooling at all.





Home School  In the HOME SCHOOL DIGEST, you'll find practical tips, simple suggestions and bold biblical challenges that make up an open forum for wrestling through the complex issues that affect home-schooling families.



Beyond Surviving Homeschooling

Charlotte's Cyberwebs

Homeschooling Adventures

The Home School Internet Resource Center

Peggie's Place

National Home Education Research Institute

Home School Legal Defense Association




Correspondence Course

The Bill of Rights

You and the Bill of Rights

Teusy - The little mouse that almost missed the ark


The Governor's Story
The Governor's Story

The constitution
You, Your Child and the Constitution

Inspirational Literature

The Siege of Shah Island


Heartwarming Poetry

Where is Beauty


The Pilgrims

How The Pilgrims Came



A Guide to Teaching Grammar using the Principle Approach


With Liberty and Justice for All


Creative Writing

Creative Writing and the Essay



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